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All of our trainers  have many years of practical experience. Only those who know the practice know which tools will make an impact in everyday life.

Klaus Petrasek

Klaus Petrasek has been rated for more than 12 years as a proven expert for successful negotiation, effective communication, and customer acquisition. He comes directly from corporate practice, where he built up many years’ experience both in medium-scale enterprises and in international corporations. Through his wealth of experience in sales, strategic negotiation, and customer acquisition, […]

Matthias Ganz

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Heike Stegemann

Heike Stegemann has more than 15 years practical sales experience, characterised by intensive cooperation with market leaders of various sectors, such as chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and academic institutions. Based on business knowledge as well as her experience as a systemic business coach, she is an expert in effective and sustainable development of salespeople […]

Dr. Stephan Müller-Eicker

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Tobias Ruge

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Petra von der Nahmer

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Ulf Schilke

Ulf Schilke has been successfully active for more than 13 years in sales and management. His broad knowledge and range of practical experience in medium-scale enterprises stand him out. Starting as a sales assistant Ulf Schilke learnt the basics of sales and improved his knowledge of the fields of pricing, customer acquisition, and key account […]

Klaus Spanner

Klaus Spanner In almost 40 years of working in the sales department of a major bank in southern Germany Klaus Spanner became acquainted with different regions and people. Apart from sales tasks, he has led staff through times of upheaval. He has witnessed good salespeople being promoted to junior manager positions without being handed the […]

Andreas Genske

“I am neither weak nor strong, only untrained or trained.” Andreas Genske gained this insight over the course of 23 years of experience in sales and management. He was as successful managing the accounts of small companies as he was acting as key account manager for big clients in the back office and the sales […]

Dagmar Freifrau von Gersdorff

Dagmar von Gersdorff “From experience – into practice” – that is the motto of trainer Dagmar von Gersdorff. She was employed for over 10 years in world-renowned pharmaceutical companies as an expert for sales and customer acquisition both in the back office and the sales force and gathered intensive experience in the development of the […]

Niklas Langer

“Apply what you have learnt. Simply wanting something is not enough.” This motto shapes the thoughts and actions of Niklas Langer in his personal and professional life. As a former professional endurance athlete, he quickly recognised that only a combination of diverse training units can contribute to success. An all too one-sided training regimen does […]

Ursula Schering

Ursula Schering was employed for more than thirty years in the sales departments of different international transport companies. She moved through the ranks from customer adviser in the back office to key account manager. This wealth of many years’ sales experience forms the basis of her current work as a trainer. Contact: Tel: +49 – […]

Ginette Marie Ringwald

Ginette Marie Ringwald brings with her many years of experience in marketing and communications consultancy as well as in press and public relations. At ACADICTA, she oversees project support, administration, and press relations. Contact: Tel: 04131 – 799 37 99 Mail: ginette.ringwald@acadicta.com

Ursula Genske

Ursula Genske is responsible for customer support at ACADICTA. She learnt sales from scratch and she loves and lives contact with people. With almost three decades’ experience, Ursula Genske brings along all that is required in customer support. She is particularly valued for her humour and friendly handling of customers.   Contact: Tel: 05139 – […]


Gute Trainer

  • verstehen die Teilnehmer
  • vermitteln gute kommunikative Techniken
  • führen die Teilnehmer zum “Aha”-Effekt

Exzellente Trainer

  • kennen die Wirklichkeit der Teilnehmer und verstehen Theorie als auch Praxis
  • vermitteln exzellente kommunikative Techniken
  • führen die Teilnehmer vom Wissen und Verstehen ins Können und Handeln

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