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Excellent Companies have excellent Staff

If good professionals needed no more training, the players of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid would no longer need any training.

Professional excellence is the result not just of expertise – but also of confident conversation, knowledge of human nature, and situational awareness. And of permanent personal development and training.

The quality of staff is the most important economic bedrock of every company. Our training courses turn good employees into very good ones and very good employees into excellent ones. And thus, contribute an important measure to the development of the company.

Institute for Communication

Success does not just occur, it is planned.

We do not organise seminars, we execute effective training courses.

The difference: seminars convey knowledge, training courses guide the employees from understanding to ability and application.

The tools from the training course can be deployed immediately by the participants, because they have repeatedly been proven successful and have worked well in practice and are thus highly effective and efficient.

ACADICTA Training Courses:

  • have an immediate effect
  • are experience-oriented
  • are more than mere transmission of knowledge and techniques
  • are customised, because not every salesperson needs the same training.

Training means: experiencing for oneself. Within each participant lies very personal strengths, that must be activated – in order to unlock their potential.

The participants / your staff

  • will become even better professionals
  • will achieve better results
  • will lead to higher corporate earnings