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Making the right decision in the selection of applicants

Assessment Center

Are you in the process of selecting the right candidates for job openings?

Do you want to be able to evaluate the abilities of potential managers for leadership functions in a more reliable way?

Do you want to get a realistic feel for the candidates’ competencies before you take them on? 

However impressive job applications may be – they tell very little about how the person is really going to act in the daily work.

The ACADICTA Assessment Center involves your candidates in a large variety of leadership situations and provides a valid impression of their abilities. The assessment criteria can be determined in a workshop or derived from the corporate mission statement.

The assessment itself consists of exercises that mirror actual daily work in the areas of …

  • leading teams, managing conflict situations and decision-making 
  • personal competency
  • facilitation and coordination
  • evaluation and feedback skills

The participants will take on different roles – as manager, coworker, facilitator and observer. This allows you to observe and evaluate the candidates in a “multidimensional” way.

Our experienced trainers conduct the assessment and identify strengths as well as areas of development.

You will get valid decision-making aids and will be supported in filling open positions with qualified employees that are the right fit.

You will rarely get such a firsthand experience of your junior staff!