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„It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.“

Convincing Rhetoric and Presentation Technique

How do I inspire my listener?
How do I handle stage fright?
Is Power Point always the right choice?

Have you heard sentences such as:
“I hope you can read that…” – “I’m running out of time, so I’ll go through this quickly.”  “That’s all ..” – “Thank you for your attention.”?

Everybody can speak, but why do some speakers appear so much more brilliant, convincing and captivating than others?

How do I deliver a speech that is compelling as well as memorable?

How to achieve great results when conducting a session as a facilitator? 

There is no doubt that key competences in business include the ability to present effectively, to give a good speech as well as to facilitate successfully.
The goal of a professional presentation, a good speech and a great facilitation is to achieve a strong and sustainable effect with the participants. Effective communication requires mastering the art of engaging in dialogue with the listener in an authentical and convincing way.

Good speakers

  • convey the content in an interesting manner
  • appear confident
  • spark the listeners’ interest

Excellent speakers

  • convey the content in an exceptionally good manner
  • appear charismatic
  • inspire the listeners