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Successful Negotiation

One of the most demanding requirements is the mastery of professional negotiation. Negotiations occur all the time in professional life, both externally with other companies and internally within the company.

The importance of competence in this area has risen greatly, because the negotiation culture has changed considerably in the past few years. Professionally trained negotiating partners use more and more sophisticated negotiating strategies. Since negotiations have direct impacts, that can even affect the financial results of a company, these conversations must be conducted extremely skillfully and professionally.

Objective arguments and simple persuasiveness are not enough to successfully conclude negotiations. To actively negotiate and achieve successful results, the right strategy, professionality in conducting conversations as well as active relationship management is required.

In this training session, the participants will experience and internalize different negotiating scenarios.

They will learn how to …

  • purposefully prepare for and confidently lead negotiations using professional techniques and tools
  • successfully reach their goal even in challenging situations and with difficult negotiating partners
  • end the negotiation at the right moment and leave the negotiating partner with a good feeling (“win-win”)
  • better evaluate negotiating partners
  • recognize negotiation practices, tricks and techniques of the opposite side and face them situationally
  • overcome and successfully conclude difficult negotiating situations