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Professional Sales

Sales Pitch training: Become a Master at Making Your Sales Pitch

When it comes to first impressions, there are no second chances! Professional mastery of one’s “pitch” is crucial for a company’s growth and development. But not every proposal goes as well as it should, leaving the parties involved unsure as to the reasons for its failure.

Why should a company do business with your company in particular?
How do you show your target clients that you are “just the right” partner?

Your sales pitch relies on several different factors, not only your expertise and the number of references you have.This very practice-oriented training session sheds light on the most fundamental aspects of the sales pitch, breaking them down step by step.

  • Why the first three minutes are crucial for success
  • Presenting yourself in a way that reaches your target audience
  • How to spark the interest of your target customer right away
  • What kind of information do potential clients actually want to hear?
  • Open and hidden information
  • Who is the real decision-maker?
  • How to build trust with your target customer?
  • How to turn the phrase “tailor-made solution” into something authentic
  • Using voice, speech and body language to your advantage
  • How to come across as authentic in a way that wins over clients
  • Master difficult situations with confidence and professionalism