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Professional Sales

Training for the Inside Sales Representatives

Inside sales is a crucial part of the sales process – often providing a company’s first contact to the outside world.

Since there are no second chances when it comes to making a first impression, it’s very important for the inside sales team to demonstrate professionalism.

  • How to turn the phrase “customer-oriented” into something authentic
  • Credibility and relationship management on the phone
  • Why the first 30 seconds of a telephone call are so decisive
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships over the phone
  • From “I’ll work on it” to “Thank you for your order”
  • How to keep the ball rolling: why customer loyalty doesn’t end when the job is completed
  • New relationship management: building customer loyalty and shaping it to your advantage
  • Turning clients into fansResolving critical situations: how to defuse critical situations over the phone
  • How to change a situation so that an upset conversation partner ends up very satisfied at the end of the discussion